Should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of losing an important or valuable item in the Peace River, Charlotte Harbor or any of the other canals, creeks and waterways in the southwest Florida area, there is a good chance our professional recovery divers can help with the retrieval.

Although we have a high success rate, as you can imagine, actually finding and recovering lost items in the water is not always easy or possible. For this reason, it's important that you choose a reputable, professional diver that specializes in underwater recovery. If you are going to make a serious attempt at underwater recovery, you need to hire a pro, otherwise you may be setting yourself up for disappointment and losing money on top of your valuable lost item

Professional Underwater Recovery - The Ins and Outs

While virtually anyone with a snorkel or some scuba gear can dive down into the water in search of your lost item, the chances are fairly good that they'll fail to find it. Even though our professional recovery service can't guarantee to retrieve your item, we have the skills, equipment and experience to greatly increase the chances of success.

Instead of simply diving down blind in hopes of stumbling upon it, professional recovery divers use the latest tools and technologies to aid them in their search. From using GPS to pinpoint precisely the spot where you think you lost the item to employing underwater cameras and metal detectors, recovery divers always take a more detailed, thorough approach and will use whatever tools are available to them to help find your valuable goods.

These tools especially come in handy should your item be lost in dark, murky waters where visibility is virtually non-existent. In these cases, both specialized diving skills and tools are needed to have any degree of hope of finding what you've lost.

The Hazards of Recovery Diving

Another major issue recovery divers must face is the possible hazards they could encounter in the water. Debris and obstacles are potential hazards that could threaten an unskilled diver, as well as boat going by in high-traffic areas and low visibility.

By choosing Underwater Solutions as your professional underwater recovery service, you'll be getting someone with both the required equipment and experience to avoid these hazards and ensure the recovery process is performed as safely as possible.

What Items Can a Recovery Diver Retrieve?

Our professional recovery divers have many years of experience and have been asked to retrieve all kinds of items—some of them fairly standard and some of them quite odd. Here is a short list of just some of the items our underwater recovery services can help you retrieve:

  • Wedding and engagement rings
  • Family heirlooms
  • Watches, necklaces and other jewelry
  • Glasses and keys
  • Propellers, motors and other boat parts
  • Fishing poles, reels and other fishing equipment

At Underwater Solutions, we are committed to helping our clients recover lost items of all kinds. No matter how small and insignificant your lost item may seem to others, if it's important enough for you to want it found, our pros will take on the challenge.

Everyone has lost an important item at some time or another. Losing something underwater brings that frustration and fear to another level. There is no need to feel embarrassed about accidentally losing or accidentally dropping items like keys or your wedding ring overboard. Instead, stay calm, make a mental note of the precise location or as close as you can to the location of loss and call us right away.

We Offer Underwater Recovery in Southwest Florida and All the Florida Keys

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