Protect your pilings from the elements and other damaging risks like shipworms.

These creatures can cause massive damage if ignored costing you much more that the protection of a quality piling wrap. We are experts on inspection of pilings and installation of piling wraps.

We install GatorSkyns to give our clients the ultimate protection. These piling wraps are stronger and thicker that the vast majority the industry uses. This great product plus our expert inspection and installation means you will have the highest quality and best protection you deserve.

Trust Underwater Solutions for all your piling wrapping needs. We can handle any size project, so contact us today for a free estimate.

We Offer Piling Wrap Services in Southwest Florida and The Florida Keys

Sarasota FL, Venice FL, Port Charlotte FL, Punta Gorda FL, Boca Grande FL, Naples FL, Key West FL, Vaca Key FL, Marathon FL, Long Key FL, Plantation Key FL, and surrounding communities.